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Pressrelease: ♥ Skatespots

Skatespots & announced today that Skatespots will aquire the Australian startup,

Skatespots’ acquisition of advances its mission of revolutionizing the way the skaters find places to skate. By combining content with Skatespots platform, Skatespots will be able to offer a greater amount of content to Australian & Oceania users while offering a much richer experience to existing users. & Skatespots

Daniel Nilsson, founder of skatespots, comments, We have always considered our companions not our competitors. And we want the same thing to help other skateboarders. We are honored for this opportunity and we will give users our full support.

Dylan Jones,’s Founder, commented, "Skatespots is an amazing app with great developers. I believe that being acquired by Skatespots will give our users a better experience and allow our data to be accessed by a larger group of people "

Terms of the deal are undisclosed.


Find the best spots near you and go shred

Your GPS guides you the way to the best Skatespots™ around, wherever you are in the world. Choose spots by list view or discover the spots on a map. Quickly see the spots bust level and when it is the best time to skate it.

The choice is yours, filter your searches

With Skatespots™ you can filter your searches by category and spot obstacles. You can filter to only see the best handrail, the best manual pads, the best ledges or even just the skateparks in your area.

Add your own spots and build your spot book

Do you have some of your own spots that’s not in Skatespots™ yet? Add and share it with the world! Don't want to share it with everone? Share it as secret, only you and the people you choose to share it with will then be able to see it.

Bookmark your favorite spots

Find the spots you want to remember in Skatespots™, create and organize your own catalog of favorite spots.

Available for iOS and Android devices

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